Welcome to Sunderland Halong Hotel

Located in the heart of Ha Long beautiful coastal city, placed on the campus of a Sun Premier Village of Sun group, Sunderland Halong Hotel is designed in a modern and elegant architecture. With 30 luxurious guest rooms, amenities and furniture in 3-star standard, it is one of the most luxurious and comfortable hotels in Ha Long.

In addition, the hotel has an extremely favorable geographical location for tourists:

- With around 3 minutes by car, tourists can reach the new beach, the colorful modern water music square, Ocean Park, Dragon Park, the Queen's cable car which has the largest capacity in Southeast Asia, etc.  Further more, there are many entertainment spots at Sun World Halong Park.

- Within 15 minutes drive from the Sunderland Ha Long Hotel, tourist can enjoy their time in a beach and entertainment spots in Tuan Chau - a luxurious landmark close to Ha Long city.  Tuan Chau - Cat Ba is the most amazing ferry route in Vietnam with wonderful landscape and it’s also a fastest waterway connecting 2 coastal cities of Ha Long - Hai Phong.

-  Only 5 minutes by car to reach Halong trade center.

We understand that the value of the hotel is formed from the trust of our customers and the companion of our partners. Our biggest goal is to find ways to make your life easier and recognize that this cannot be done without well trained, motivated and enthusiastic employees. Therefore, the mission of the hotel is not only the satisfaction of customers but also the imprint of the dedication of the staffs.